Tasty food deserves a master

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Standard products

Standard products

Raw, pre-cooked or cooked products made from 100% chicken meat from our regional partners.

Halal products

Halal products

Chicken Masters is certified by “La grande mosquée de Paris”. This Halal range is available all year round.

Tasty food deserves a master.
The mission off Chicken masters.

8 reasons why clients choose for Chicken Masters as a partner for their projects.

  • Industrial products produced in the traditional way
  • Client-orientated / tailor-made
  • Creatively tailored to the client
  • Quality is of paramount importance
  • Gourmet products
  • Specialist knowhow
  • Daily fresh
  • Flexible

Master in cold preparations

Passion in the kitchen

Specialist in cutting chicken joints

Chicken Masters of Belgium NV

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9800 Deinze
Tel: +32 (0) 9 381 54 81
Fax: +32 (0) 9 380 07 17


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IFS Food certified and food safe.

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