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Cooked chicken meat

Cooked chicken meat

Cooked meat, or rather cooked chicken, is supplied by Chicken Masters with equal quantities of breast and thigh meat.

At the request of clients, this 50/50 ratio can be modified.
We prefer using equal quantities because we believe combining juicy, tender thigh meat with stable classic breast meat gives the best results, especially in half-finished products. It is the ideal combination for vol-au-vents or fresh chicken salads.

Technical info
  • Art.600031
  • Salade 16/6 2,5 kg
  • Shelf life: 42 days
  • ----------------------------
  • Art. 600059*
  • Vol-au-vent 24/24 2,5 kg
  • Shelf life: 42 days

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Cooked chicken meat
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